Friday, July 10, 2009

Honeypot House

My last pic of the trip, we arrived safely at 2.30 today to be greeted by a huge bumble bed and afternoon tea. 2850 miles total and I found out on arrival that we've topped 12k comfortably in total funds raised. We're all home now without incident, although the clip has apparently fallen off Paul's chain again! I'm holding a beer now and it's the first of several. Next week we'll collate all the pics that we took and i'll post them to complete our log of the trip, Cheers!


Just got through passport control and we're finally on british soil! We reckon 3 hours or maybe a bit more to honeypot house. After which we can't wait to get back home and sleep all weekend!

Big queue for the ferry

And it's 30 degrees here. We've done 2700 miles and are finally about to set sail for blighy. Can't wait to get to honeypot house tomorrow, the finish point. After a bunch of challenges and scary experiences along the way and a truly unique experience, thoughts now turn to home and we're all keen to get back to loved ones as soon as possible. Personally I can't wait to get back to the office. ;-) look forward to seeing everybody soon.

First injury...

After dropping his keys into his faring, Jason sustains a flesh wound retrieving them. Muppet! We're now in Santander! More to follow as soon as we're on the boat.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Final campsite.

We're here and elated. Going to pitch tents and head into the local village for a snack and just maybe a beer or two. The surroundings are absolutely breathtaking and we're off to get some snaps in the morning.


It's not a t9 error, it's am anatomical term. The gooch is a small area which I can't describe on this blog!

Last proper garage break!

We've just checked the route to a camp site that Melanie found for us in a place called aguilar de campoo. It's the perfect stop as it's just 60 miles from Santander and we're just 140 miles from where we are now. We're on track for the earliest night we've had ov the trip! And apart from Paul's gooch-chafing issues, we're all on good form. Apparently the site is in some beautiful mountains so we hope to get some good pics up later.